10 Tips To Feel More Relaxed In The Workplace

Most, if not all, people find their respective workplaces a stress-inducing environment. That it’s so, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to let work problems get to you, does it? Learn the most effective ways to relax, and you’ll see your career grow more promising.

Stress Toys
They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes so just choose whatever appeals to you most. Don’t hesitate to use it as many times as you want. Rather than risk saying something hurtful or damaging, just squeeze out your stress through your little toys.

Pictures and Portraits
Whether your own office or cubicle, make your personal space a haven from stress by surrounding yourself with photos of your loved ones. There are times when you’ll question your reasons for continuing to subject yourself to stress. Whenever those doubt-inducing moments threaten to shake your composure further, focus on the faces of your loved ones: they’re your reason for working and for them, you’re willing to do a lot of things,aren’t you?

Mementos and Souvenirs

At times, photos are simply not enough to help you think of a happy place and stay there while at work. At times, you’ll need something more concrete like a memento or souvenir of your best memories. Remind yourself that those memories might not have taken place if you hadn’t the financial security provided by your work.

Inhale, Exhale
Breathing is an integral part in yoga and other meditation techniques. Proper breathing can make you feel calmer and think more clearly. Even better, this relaxation technique is something you can do anywhere at work. Savor each moment as air rises from your diaphragm and whooshes out of your lungs. Picture your stress flowing out of you as you inhale and exhale, and you’ll be fine.

A five to ten-minute nap can do wonders to your stress levels. Sleep is the best way to relax because it gives your mind, heart, and body the rest it needs. Set your clock or phone to alarm after five or ten minutes. Clear your mind completely of worries and let yourself succumb to the lure of sleep. When you wake up, you’ll feel absolutely refreshed and ready to face any challenges lurking outside your office.

It’s sad how many people forget how to laugh at themselves as they grow older. Our minds have a way of making problems bigger than they really are, but once you re-learn the ability to laugh at your problems, you’ll realize that they truly weren’t as serious as you thought they were.

If you find it hard to see the humor in ugly situations, try spending more time with your children or anyone’s children for that matter. See how their perspectives differ from yours and you’ll realize that sometimes, silly is good.

A Thirty Second Call
Notice the small changes you undergo whenever you hear a loved one’s voice. Your eyes sparkle, you smile more often, and your body relaxes. All these happen because you simply feel good whenever you’re with your loved ones. If there’s something in the workplace that’s troubling you, don’t hesitate to call a loved one even if just to say to hello. Your loved ones are your oasis and the mere sound of their voice can wash away your stress and anger.

Count Sheep
Counting how many sheep jumped over the bridge doesn’t just help people get to sleep but at times, it can also help people relax. Count as long as you need until stress completely drains out of your body.

Admit It
It’s hard to relax when you can’t even admit to yourself you need relaxing. Sometimes, acknowledging the presence of stress and trouble is the best way to make yourself relax. You’ve got a problem, you admit it, and now you can move on!

Work Harder
Finally, the best way to make yourself relax in the workplace is by consciously reversing the stress process. Instead of letting work stress you out, use it instead to challenge you into testing your limits. Believe in yourself and give it your best shot. As you work harder, you’ll realize that you’re actually making yourself relax as well. Doing nothing can only make you feel more stressful; doing something, however, can help you relax because you know you’re making an effort to solve your problem!


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