11 Ways To Better Control Your Future

There are so many people that complain daily about how they hate their lives, nothing goes right, and how they can’t find happiness with what they have. If you are one of those people who thinks that the only way they can be happy is if you are wealthy, have fame, tons of friends, and a perfect family, you’re mistaken.

I’m sorry if that sounds harsh to some of you, but one thing I promise to always do for my readers, is to level with them! I will tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not. I focus on what I believe is right, what has worked for me, and what I hope will work for you as well.

As long as you are alive you have the power and ability to be happy. You can improve any situation, and make a comeback from any downfall. Here are 11 Ways How:

1. Stop Complaining: Even if things are not going perfect for you right now, you don’t have to reiterate the fact. Simply let them go and force them out of your mind. Focus on what you do have, instead of what you don’t.

2. Focus on The Positive: We all have hard times in life, no one is special enough to have a life thats void of trials and tribulations. Just the fact that you have the capability to read this blog in this present moment means you are better off than most people of the world. Look for the good in everything and more importantly how you can use it to your advantage to learn and grow as a person.

3. Do What You Love: Are you one of those people that think that if they had more time that you would do more things you love and enjoy? That’s simply not true, you have the time if your willing to make the time. You create your environment and you are the master of your life, you have to take responsibility and go for what makes you happy.

4. Surround Yourself With A Positive Environment: Who are the type of people you spend the most time around? Their energy and focus will effect yours as well. It has been said that the top 5 people we hang out with the most we become an average of. Do you have a environment that’s cohesive with what your trying to accomplish and become?

5. Watch What You Focus On: Here in the United States bad news sells. I have completely cut the news channel out of my life, and in fact almost all of Television. Don’t let the media or advertisers effect your life, their goal is to market and persuade you. Take more power of your situation and don’t let them dictate your life for you.

6. Appreciate The Small Things: Life is full of joy and wonders that people often take for granted. Our world is precious and magical just the way it is. Stop wishing things were different, and be glad the way things are. You decide what your future holds and how you will use whatever situation your in for the better or worse.

7. Study Self Improvement: Self improvement study will help you stay positive and keep you on track. Always continue to grow as a person and learn new things such as a new languages, sports, or life hacks.

8. Don’t Compare Your Life With Others: Everyone is different and you can never really know what someone is going through unless you are able to see the world from their perspective. Your life can never be an exact copy of someone else’s and you control your destiny. It’s up to you to forge your own path and create the life of your dreams.

9. Get Outside and Exercise: Exercising consistently as I often say has the power to change our lives dramatically. Exercising helps build our confidence, health, energy, stamina, and many more benefits. For more information on daily exercise view: 3 Ways to Increase Your Daily Energy

10. Spend Time With Friends and Family: Spend quality time with your loved ones. They have the power to pick up your life and give you the support needed to help you through any tribulation. They are your support group, and would gladly be there for you. Cherish your time with them, and live in the moment.

11. Don’t Let Life Pass You By: The more time you spend being miserable and unhappy, the more life will pass you by. You don’t want to look back years from now and realize you spent your life complaining and being negative instead of cherishing all the good things that may be gone. While you have the chance be happy, positive, and cherish life now

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craig hill

Craig is the founder of LifeGuider, he is dedicated to improving not only himself but also others in being more physically fit and mentally capable of handling life’s challenges. He is not your regular life coach, no fancy clothes or fast cars, just a regular “Ole Joe” who has experienced the ups and downs of life like everyone else.

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