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Daily Archives: April 17, 2017

The Top 30 Habits of Successful People

Have you ever read a self-help book? Have you ever read more than one? You might notice that they all seem to offer similar advice. That’s why I decided to just compile this list of all the main points of just about every self-help book out there…

The 5-Minute Productivity Breakthrough – Life Guide

Do you have a task you are putting off?

You might be putting off exercise.  You may be putting of writing a business plan.  Maybe its something else.  Whatever it is you are putting off can be achieved if you simply put 5 minutes toward achieving it.

I can almost hear a collective sigh.  “Only 5 minutes? Craig, you’ve lost it this time.”

Have I?  Not really.  If I can get 5 minutes of solid, no-nonsense, best effort, you will get more done.

The Ten Commandments of Success

Take Action Most people will never know how brilliant or successful they could of been because they are paralyzed by life’s duties. They will be full of remorse and regret when they reach the end of their lives because they know they could of done more, and never…