26 Life Hacks That Changed My Life For The Better

Here is an accumulation of random tips and tricks I have picked up over the years ranging from mental exercise cues to how to talk to your doctor and wake up and not feel groggy.

1. How to not feel groggy after a nap: power naps should last for only about 20 minutes. Any longer, and you feel tired. And shorter, and it does not count as a nap. 40 minutes makes you feel groggy, so try to only take around 20 minute naps. Drink a cold cup of coffee right before you fall asleep the caffeine will take about 20 minutes before you digest it and it reaches your brain.

2. When buying snacks, spend the same amount of money on fruits and veggies. (This does not mean you can, if already eating healthily, increase your donut intake to match all the carrots you eat).

 Definitely do not what those baby carrots to clog an artery!

3. Instead of ice packs or heating pads, use a water bottle. There are various sizes and can be reused. Just fill up with water and either heat or freeze. (If you heat, slightly open the cap to prevent a steamy mess in the microwave). Or you could use a long cotton sock filled with uncooked rice and microwaved for 2 to 3 minutes. It can wrap around an ankle/knee and stays hot for about ten minutes.

 Burr that’s COLD!

4. Sleep in your gym clothes if you continually put off going to work out in the morning.

5. How to get out of bed earlier (and shift your sleep rhythms so they’re earlier)

  • Before you go to bed, set food and drink on your bedside which contains sugar/caffeine/stimulants/fluids.
  • Go to bed earlier if possible.
  • Set your alarm for 30 minutes before you need to get up.
  • When the alarm goes off, consume some of whats on your bedside.
  • Set your alarm for 25 minutes later and go back to sleep, or do whatever you feel like doing.
  • Get up by the time the second alarm goes off.

7. Running/exercising? Set really easy goals for yourself when you start to get tired. Say things like lets just get to the next stick, or when I cross the next tree shadow. Then, 3 steps later, you’ll reach your goal. When you get there, you’ll think, wow, I didn’t really work very hard for that, I can keep going. Then you’ll get to the next shadow, and the next, and the next, until you are way past point B. This can be applied to other sports and environments. If you are running in the city, set a goal to the next crack in the sidewalk, or the next parking meter, or the next tree. If you are in a gym and using a machine, go to the next number 3 on the distance reading.

 8. When doing push ups, sit ups, or equivalent, start them counting down from a number.

9. When doing walking lunges or anything for distance, don’t go halfway: go a little further – it makes it easier going back i.e. 12 forward, 8 back (instead of 10 and 10 for 20 lunges).

10. Do you want to improve your posture while driving? Set the rear view mirrors a bit higher than usual. It makes you sit up straight and stop slouching.

11. Tie a towel or rag into a knot and lay on it to release knots in your back.

12. Sit up straighter by sitting on the correct part of your butt. If you’re slouched backwards, you’re likely sitting on your coccyx (tailbone). Sit up so the bones in your butt cheeks (ischium or sit bones) are touching the seat of the chair. Make sure that you adjust your posture every 30 seconds to 2 minutes to prevent back ache.

13. Turn your pill bottle upside down to remember you took your pill.

14. Eat less salad dressing by dipping the fork in the dressing and then pick up the lettuce or whatever. You’ll consume a smaller amount of dressing but itll taste the same.

15. Buy smaller dinner plates to encourage healthier eating habits. Mine are 9 1/2 inches. Its not a magic bullet for weight loss, but it helps, and it can easily be a more permanent change compared to other dieting advice.

16. When you find yourself looking in the fridge out of boredom, drink the biggest glass of water you can. And then drink another one. You’ll be too full to even think about eating for at least an hour. Plus you get your water intake for the day.

17. Wear earplugs at home and in the office to reduce stress.

18. Use lip balm on your nose when sick to help heal your red, dry, sore nose (or Vaseline).

19. Switch to a standing desk at work. All you have to do is pile some old books monitor, keyboard and mouse (or set your mouse on top of your tower), and get rid of your chair. Your feet will hurt like hell for a couple weeks, but after that, youll feel more comfortable standing than sitting. This sounds simple, but it has a lot of effects, and if you spend as much time at a computer as I do, those effects apply all the time:

20. Hand sanitizer brings instantaneous relief to under arm odor.

21. Listen to music while you workout, especially with an up-beat tempo.

22. When seeking a second opinion, don’t mention the first diagnosis. You’ll get a more thorough workup vs a confirmation. A true second opinion is supposed to be a complete examination from scratch to search for what may be missed or to gain new perspective, but in today’s world of overlapping appointments it is often just a quick confirmation.

23. Work night shift or shift work? Invest in an eye mask made for migraines. They are thicker than your normal eye masks and designed to totally block out light. It’ll also help you sleep normally by killing all the other light that might keep you up (like street lights, computer lights, etc.)

24. Having problems with acne? Your pillow case might be adding to the problem. Oils from your skin get on your pillow case as you sleep. If you don’t wash it very often you might notice a higher occurrence of acne. The problem is very evident if you sleep on one side and notice that most of your acne is the same side of your face.

25. Stuffy sinuses? Put a cold compress (for injuries) over your eyes/nose. It’ll help reduce the inflammation in the area by causing the tissues to contract, opening up airways. Alternate this with holding a hot cup of tea under your nose and breathing through your nostrils for several minutes. The hot, moist air will help soften the mucous.

26. Floss while taking a shower. I never wanted to do it at night because I was tired and just wanted to go to sleep. Sometimes I just forgot. Just leave your floss next to the shampoo or soap and it’ll be an easy reminder. Also, its an excuse to stay in the shower for an extra minute or two, which is just long enough to enjoy the warm water a bit longer but not long enough for your roommates/family to think you’re touching yourself. This is assuming you bathe everyday.


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