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Do you have a task you are putting off?

You might be putting off exercise.  You may be putting of writing a business plan.  Maybe its something else.  Whatever it is you are putting off can be achieved if you simply put 5 minutes toward achieving it.

I can almost hear a collective sigh.  “Only 5 minutes? Craig, you’ve lost it this time.”

Have I?  Not really.  If I can get 5 minutes of solid, no-nonsense, best effort, you will get more done.

It works very much like Isaac Newton’s theory (cool first name by the way).  Newtons law states an object in motion, tends to stay in motion unless acted on by some external force.  All we have to do is get ourselves in as much motion as possible for 5 easy minutes and the rest will take care of itself.  You can do 5 minutes can’t you?  Sure you can.

Choose your task and set a timer for 5 minutes.  At the end of the time, decide if you’d like to continue.  If not, you’ve met your commitment.  You are free to stop.  However, more than likely, you will want to continue.  You’ll want to finish what you started.  Like Newtons law, you will be in motion, so you will tend to want to stay in motion.

One of the keys to this method is putting forth the very best effort for all 5 of those minutes.  No we are not allowed to go to the bathroom, eat or watch TV during those minutes.  Just focus for a full 5 minutes working on your task.

Here is a real life example.  Your conscience is nagging you to get outside and get some exercise.  Your body is saying “I am tired.  I do not want to!”  Your conscience keeps nagging, your body keeps pushing back.  By the way, this is what we call stress, but that discussion is for another day.  Anyway, you have a battle on your hands for sure.

How do you deal with it?  Simple, negotiate with yourself.  Say “OK, I’ll take 5 minutes to get dressed and get outside and exercise my very best.  At the end of 5 minutes, I can quit.  I can easily do 5 minutes, anyone can!”

Think about it, who can not do 5 minutes of anything?  You can do just about anything and do it well for 5 minutes if you put your mind to it.  Writing your first small business plan may seem quite overwhelming. However what if you are just viewing it as a 5 minute task?  Suddenly, it seems like a small inconvenience to get started.  You work for a solid 5 minutes using your very best energy and dedication and you will most likely find something about the process you like.  You will want to keep at it.  You will want to uncover more opportunities.  You will want to keep making progress. This is a great way to fight though procrastination and be more productive,  five whole whooping minutes is all it takes to get started. What are you waiting on?

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