The 7 Fears That Are Stopping You From Taking Action

You can feel deep inside of you. Its a pain, a yearning, a voice. But the voice can’t be understood. You know its trying to tell you something. But you have no idea what that something is.

What are you looking for?

You try to numb it out. You give yourself reasons to ignore the voice:

You should be happy.

You should appreciate what you have.

You are being responsible.

But here is the simple reality: you are not happy. And if you are not happy, something needs to change.

The Doubts and Insecurities of Following a Dream

The pursuit of a dream gives a foray of emotions that can be difficult to articulate.

Time after time, I have wrestled with my doubt, my insecurity, my fears.

Can you do this?

What makes you so special?

What if you fail?

What will they say about me?

As I wrote this post I pondered to myself: What is my greatest fear?

Its quite a question.And the more I pondered it the more clear the answer became:

My greatest fear is that everything I am doing has no reason, no purpose, no meaning.

My greatest fear is that my life doesn’t matter.


Identifying The Fear Is The First Step to Beating The Fear

The first step to beating your fears is to know what your fears are.

Once you know your fears, you can start to explore them, to wrestle with them, to battle against them.

So below, I am sharing with you what I believe to be the 8 great fears that stop you from taking action.

What impact would it have on your life, if you were beat your fear?

The 7 Fears That Are Stopping Your From Taking Action

1. Money (You Think It Is Money)

At the core, many of us have fallen into the trap of believing that if you just had more money you would be happy, fulfilled, excited and ready to take on the world.

We have grown up in a world that teaches us money is everything. Money is not everything, but it is a requirement.

In other words, money is a necessary ingredient, but its not the main dish.

The problem is that many of us use money as the end all and be all.

You are not afraid of money. You are afraid of the unknown changes in your life if you didn’t have money.

2. Emotions You Might Feel

After I quit my career as a teacher one of my great fears became depression and anxiety. I was worried that if I made the wrong choices I would soon find myself spiraling down into a series of emotions that would leave me paralyzed.

For a while I did everything I could to guarantee that I didn’t experience these emotions.

My life focused on running away from something instead of moving towards something.

Are you running away from emotions that scare you?

3. The Wrong Decision

Its a paradox that proves the creator of the universe has a sense of humor (though maybe a rather dark one).

In our fear of making the wrong decision, we never make a decision.

Which the only way to guarantee you won’t ever fulfill your life’s purpose is to do nothing  –  the irony is that the reason we do nothing is that we are afraid that if we do something it will be the wrong path.

What decision is paralyzing you?


4. The Truth

There are two famous quotes that come to mind:

The truth shall set you free.

The truth hurts.

So which is true? Id dare say both.

The truth often requires that we admit that the only thing holding us back is ourselves. Which if that is true, it means the only thing that can propel us forward is ourselves.

This is liberating but it also hurts. There is no guru on top of the mountain with all your answers.

What is your truth?

5. Rejection from Others (Loneliness)

There is a great fear that if you dare to move forward, dare to take action, dare to make it happen, that you will be lonely.

In many ways just talking about your dreams can feel isolating. Others shoot them down, call them into question, challenge their possibility.

So its easier to just keep quiet, stay on the traditional path, to just be normal.

What are you afraid that people will say?

6. Failure

The fear of of failure is rooted deep down inside of all of us. Why do we fear failure? Because we are afraid of what it says about who we are.

Deep down we are afraid of failing because we think it says something about who we are, our character, our way of being.

You are not your failures.

7. Your True Self

If you dare to listen to your heart, take action and follow your dreams, you are putting yourself on the line.

When you put yourself to the test you reveal your character.

The great fear is that if you go through all of this, you might discover that you do not like who you are.

You might discover flaws, inadequacies, and weakness. So you would rather never put your character to the test. You choose to live in a mirage, rather than experience the truth.

The pursuit of your dream is your greatest opportunity to discover who you really are.

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Craig is the founder of LifeGuider, he is dedicated to improving not only himself but also others in being more physically fit and mentally capable of handling life’s challenges. He is not your regular life coach, no fancy clothes or fast cars, just a regular “Ole Joe” who has experienced the ups and downs of life like everyone else.

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