7 Ways To Keep Your Kids Smiling

As parents, we want to make our kids smile. We want to give them plenty of things to be happy about. That’s the way it is with the little ones you love so dearly. Their smile is precious and a reward you can’t wait to get again.
So, what can you do to keep that bright, toothy grin on their face? Well, I’ve got a few ideas for you that will help make the sun shine in their little world.
Simple Ways to Keep Your Kids Smiling
The great thing about kids is that they are usually very easy to please. It is us parents that tend to make things complicated and expensive. So, my first piece of advice for you is to keep your ideas simple and straightforward. There is no need to dream up a bunch of crazy schemes. You can keep your kids smiling by sticking with the basics.

Here are seven simple ways to keep your kids smiling:

1. Act Goofy
Kids love attention from their parents and they love to be silly. Therefore, the number one thing you can do to make your kids smile is to be goofy with them. Pull out your elementary school humor and get wacky. This doesn’t cost you a thing (other than maybe your dignity) and your kids will cherish the regular crazy escapades making them smile from ear-to-ear. The bonus is that that laughter will be good for you too.

2. Surprise Them
If you want to put a big smile on your kids face, then take them to do one of their favorite activities when they least expect it. A surprise trip to the zoo, movies or playground will have them beaming with joy. Heck, just show up one day to have lunch with them at school. Most kids would consider this a treat in and of itself. Remember, your surprise doesn’t need to be as involved as a trip to Disneyworld to get the reaction you’re looking for. An unexpected treat or outing will make their day and save you a fortune.

3. Finger Paint
I don’t know what it is about finger painting, but kids absolutely love it. They can’t help but to smile the whole time they are doing it. Yes, it can be messy, but if you prepare properly, then clean up isn’t that big of a deal. You can get a double-whammy with this one because you will totally surprise them if you are the one that initiates a big finger painting session. Once they are done, be sure to hang their artwork in a prominent location. It will make them smile every time they see it and remember the fun they had.

4. A Big Cardboard Box
What kid doesn’t love playing with a big cardboard box? Make friends with the folks down at your local appliance store and bring home the largest box you can fit in your vehicle. It will become a ship or a clubhouse or something else from the fertile imagination that only kids have. They’ll grin every day they dream up the next thing they are going to play in their giant box. Of course, you’ll expand their enjoyment if you crawl in right beside them. You can zoom off to a wonderland of delight right in your own living room floor.

5. Anything Involving Water
I don’t know about your kids, but mine never smile and giggle more than when water is involved. It can be the swimming pool, lake, lawn sprinkler, a rain shower, squirt guns, a bubble bath or just a kitchen sink full with plenty of containers for pouring. Children absolutely love playing in water. The good news is there are loads of ways you can create this merriment for them. Water tends to work best in the great outdoors, but I also mentioned some ways that this works inside too. Water can be a year-round kid pleaser.

6. Animals
Everything from the zoo to a lone puppy will lock a smile on your child’s face. Animals are fascinating and playful. Your kids will appreciate any opportunity you give them to chase, pet, snuggle or entertain a cute fuzzy friend. My girls love just a quick visit to the pet store and how easy is that? Again, you don’t have to make this time-consuming or difficult. If you don’t own a dog, then stop for a few minutes at a friend’s house to play with their pup or visit your local dog park. Your kids will talk about it for the rest of the day.

7. The Local Amusement Park
Okay, this last one is a bit more involved than the others, but it is too good to leave out. A carnival or amusement park is like a fantasy world of smiles and cheerfulness for most any child. Yes, it can cost a big chunk of your money and your time, but the happiness it produces on a kid’s face is worth it. Don’t you remember these experiences from your childhood? I loved going to our county fair. It was one of the highlights of my year. Block out the time, put on your best walking shoes and get ready to see your kids smile all day long as they fly by on carousels and rollercoasters.

What do you do to keep your kid smiling? Add to the list by leaving a comment on this article. It would be greatly appreciated by all.

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