A Blunt Introduction

Thank you for visiting LifeGuider. I have so much I want to tell you, but I better tell you first why you should stick around and read the articles (I call them LifeGuides). I have amazing helpful LifeGuides to share with you that can help you improve your life, be a better person, and even help other people in your life improve because the information you find here at LifeGuider can help you be a positive influence for others. I am not a professional life coach, but I have real life experiences to share with you. I have been in management for a furtune 500 company for over 10 years, had the opportunity to have a major heart attack and nearly die at the age of 28, dug myself of out of a deep black hole of debt (I am now debt free). I’ve been fat, skinny, muscular and every where in between. I have been to almost every state in the United States and multiple countries, been in bar fights, bad breakups, car crashes and scary airplane rides. I’ve got a college degree, on the job training, read many books, been a subject matter expect and a philosopher of nothing, but none of that takes precedent of real life experience! Now that we got that out of the way, lets talk more! Still with me? Good keep reading…

Who is this site for?

Most importantly this site is for anyone who wants to improve their life and work hard at getting better!

People who want Financial Freedom, Read how I eliminated over $77,000 dollars in credit card debt quickly with 10 proven steps.

People who want to be physically fit or lose weight, and do it the healthy way, or learn how to get a ripped body.

People who want to be successful in life, gain more self confidence or take control of their future.

This website is for people who need more motivation, want to find happiness or take 5 minutes and learn to be productive.

LifeGuider is for people who are into self improvement, want to be better parents, and learn to stop watching too much porn.

Who this site is not for?

People who do not want to stop being lazy and take action.

People who do not want to continuously improve their life.

People who not want to live debt free and will continue buying things they do not need.

People who run away from their problems and want to destroy their lives with crack cocaine. 

People who do not want to learn how to make a blog, earn money online or see the positive benefits of getting fire from their job.

I would imagine by now you have the gist of why this site could or could not help you improve your life. Yes I am willing to admit this site might not be of any or limited value for some people as I have shown in my examples above, but that would only be if you really do not care or would rather just be lazy and throw your life away on the couch in front of the TV. For those folks, please leave now and save yourself the time of having to continue reading because continuous self improvement is hard, it is hard mentally, it is hard physically, and it will be one of the hardest things you have to do in your life. More people fail at self improvement then they do at anything else in life! Think about it… How many times have you told yourself you where going to start going to the gym, save money, eat healthy or stop drinking alcohol, but never did or never stuck with it for very long? Those are the failures I am talking about, the lack of consistency and discipline to follow through on your personal commitments. However thoughts of self improvement are small flashes of greatness that flame up like a fire with gas being poured on it but quickly start to smolder when you realize that all those things you want to improve on will be met with a perpetual wave of adversity. If you need help with overcoming that adversity and keeping that flame alive then LifeGuider is the blog you need to visit and read often.

What is Self Improvement?

Self Awareness – Being in tune with everything in creation.

Vision – The ability to protect your consciousness and find truth.

Spirituality – Knowing and loving your connection with all life.

Health – Healing the body which gives us life on Earth.

Courage – Always doing what’s needed for the greater good.

Intuition – Following your all-knowing inner guidance.

Purpose – Finding your soul calling in life, and acting on it.

Creativity – Finding and sharing your gifts with the world.

You may not know it yet, but some of the simplest changes in your life can lead to profound results, for you, and everyone around you.

You’ve already begun the first step, the fact that you’re here at this website is proof of that. Now lets take it to the next level and discover WHY you’re here.

Are you:

Searching for your life’s purpose?

Wondering how to eat healthier?

Stuck in a destructive relationship?

Struggling with destructive habits and addictions?

Wanting a more peaceful life and overcoming your fears?

Overwhelmed by unnecessary stress and worry?

If so, don’t fret! We’ve all been there, and we are all still working on these same concepts! But the goal is to take complete responsibility, and to consciously take control of anything in our lives that we find to be stagnating, destructive, and dis-empowering to our growth as human beings.

We didn’t manifest on this planet during this time to always struggle and suffer, but a large majority of humans do. Why? This is a question I will do my best to answer, but the simple fact is, there are many systems in place to make sure we humans stay in a perpetual state of fear. When we’re constantly in a state of fear, we have no knowledge of our true potential as a spiritual creative being.

Let’s bring this knowledge to the forefront, let’s drop out of fear, and live the lives that each and every human being on Earth deserves to have. To be loved, happy, free, and express our creative gifts.

Your personal growth journey will come in stages, it’s an ongoing process that we must consistently work on everyday. It isn’t easy, but anything that’s worth doing and has meaning in our lives isn’t meant to be easy, and for a good reason.

This journey will take constant discipline, diligence, and above all, patience. But I promise you it will be worth it, all the pain and struggle WILL be worth it. The fate of our species on this planet, depends on us humans taking responsibility for our lives and actions.

Let’s do this journey together, this website will serve as an outlet for humans to share, support, create, and learn everything we can to improve the quality of our lives.

A little background on me

My name is Craig, adding to the little you learned about me from the first paragraph.  I started this website on self improvement because I have an extreme passion for developing and evolving myself, and want to help others do the same. I have no desire for myself, or to see my fellow human beings constantly struggle through life, with the same mistakes over and over again. When something within me tells me I need to work on something, I do my best to listen to it, and find the solution.

My journey has lead me to having a passion for self improvement, health, expanding consciousness, awareness, spirit, creativity, and music. But it hasn’t always been this way, my younger years involved lots of time wasted sitting in front of the T.V. or playing video games…day and night. Eating and drinking whatever I wanted, doing drugs, going to bars and nightclubs, having little respect for women, amongst other destructive addictions.

That lifestyle lead me to doing extremely poor in college, taking longer to graduate and wasting thousands of dollars, acquiring many health issues, and losing sight on my main childhood goal, playing college football. I ended up hitting rock bottom and knew I needed a change. Little by little, step by step I began to climb up out the big deep hole I slowly dug for myself. That slow climb back up led me to studying rigorously on self improvement, it became my way of life. I started to weed out my addictions one by one, changed my diet completely, overcame my fears, and have finally met the woman of my dreams.

But it hasn’t been easy, this journey of personal self growth is by far the most difficult challenge I’ve ever faced. It has taken more courage, diligence, and patience, than I ever knew I had. But if I hadn’t, I surely would be in a prison cell by now, with a whole list of problems.

I am now here, with a desire to share everything I have learned, and am still learning, and to hear other stories that people will hopefully share with me. I want to continue my growth, and help others along the way. I have so much more to learn, which is another reason why I made this website. Thank you for being interested in self improvement, together we’ll do our part in helping our race become what we’re meant to be.

Whats Next?

I don’t have all the answers, but I will always share whatever lessons I learn on my journey, in hopes it will also help someone else.

This is why we need you, and your unique views and lessons, so together we can figure out the answers!

If you’d like to participate and be apart of the community here, first sign up for to discuss topics on self improvement in our vibrant community and/or Subscribe to my newsletter, to make sure to stay updated on new content being added.

Next, follow me on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook fan page. There we can help spread the word and reach out to as many people as possible!

Also, make sure to leave your opinion in the comment boxes under each article you find useful, this helps more than you know and I love hearing your thoughts.

Tell all of your friends and family to come and participate as well! The more people we have sharing their unique experiences and perspectives the better!

Thanks for your interest and I hope to see you around! If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will try and respond as quickly as possible.



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