The Truth About Losing Weight and Why Dietary Supplements Aren’t Needed

With society’s standards of beauty paired with the national obesity epidemic, it’s no surprise that millions of Americans clock to fad diets and dietary supplements in order to achieve the “perfect figure.” Unfortunately, many individuals jump on the weight loss bandwagon and consume dietary supplements and participate in vigorous exercise routines without proper research. As… Continue reading

The Best Way to Beat Procrastination

How to Beat Procrastination All over the world, university students, professionals, and housewives struggle to find more minutes in the day. Most people are aware the procrastination wastes valuable minutes in the day, but few are aware of just how much time is lost to procrastination. Even worse, higher education doesn’t really help the procrastination… Continue reading

The Easy Guide to Effective Résumé Writing

An effective résumé is the most powerful marketing tool in your career search arsenal. Particularly when a candidate has not had the opportunity to speak with someone at the target organization, the résumé is the key sales piece through which the hiring manager will decide whether to conduct an interview. Candidates should think of their… Continue reading