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If you are going to buy a house soon, then we at LifeGuider always recommend that you get a home inspection. We are potentially going to be making the biggest investment of your life, protect that investment and get a good thorough home inspection so you understand the true condition of your potential new home. A good detailed home inspection will find things you good be unsafe for you and your family as well find issues with the home that you might want to get fixed before you buy the home. In addition there might be an opportunity for you to negotiate the price of the home lower depending on what is find wrong with the home. The average cost of a home inspection in the Oklahoma City area is around $300 – $500 dollars and based on our research most clients that do end up getting a home inspection can usually save at least 10 time that amount or move on the price of the home or through getting repairs done before you make your home purchase. Saving $3000 – $5000 on your next home is a huge savings, and again it could uncover life threatening safety issues to you and your family, such as carbon monoxide poisoning or fire hazards. One thing that a good home inspection company will do is give you good recommendations to help protect your investment if you do buy the home. Sometimes conditions are very small to start with but could end up causing major damage in time if not corrected soon. A good example of this is not having gutters on your home, there is a strong correlation between foundations problems and no gutters, and the correlation is usually foundations issues. That is why we recommend www.WesternGrand.com for your home inspection.

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