How To Make Your Own Clip-In Hair Extensions

How to make your own clip- in hair extensions

Step by Step (pictures included)

Ok ladies! We’ve all heard of them “HAIR EXTENSIONS”, and all the time and maintenance it takes to get and keep them, not to mention the hefty price tag! But honestly what girl doesn’t want to feel like Rapunzel and have long flowing hair to catch her prince charming with? (ha! Ha!) Well I don’t know about the Rapunzel and prince part but there are sure some days I would love to transform my fine/ blunt shoulder length (everyday hair) into thick, long strands!

Great news! After researching for hours on the web all types of extensions including (tape-ins, fusion, clip-in, sew-ins) and the maintenance required along with the cost, I found that I can make my own clip-in hair extensions for less than $50! That’s right $50, when the average cost for any type of hair extension starts at a minimum of $200-400. So whether you are wanting to add length or volume without the long-term commitment and cost, keep reading and I’ll show you exactly what you’ll need and how to make your very own clip-in hair extensions for less than $50.

Step 1: Materials

– 1-2 wefts of real human hair, you can use synthetic hair which will cost less but remember with synthetic hair you can’t dye or use hot styling tools on it.

–  10-12 wig clips, if you have thick hair or will be making a lot of extensions you may want to purchase a few more.

–  Krazy glue, I know sounds “crazy” but I don’t like to sew and I found that it’s 10 times quicker than sewing and works amazing!

– Scissors

– Measuring Tape (this is optional, you can always just use the hair weft to measure around your head but personal found the measuring tape helpful since this was my first time ever making extensions).

Step 2: Selecting your hair

 When selecting your hair it’s truly your personal preference from where you want to purchase and what type you want to buy. I personally like to see the product in person and compare it next to my natural hair and with the help of the sales associate I was able to match the weft to my natural hair almost dead on. I purchased my hair from the “HairTensity” collection in #613 Platinum Blonde 22 inch at my local Sally’s beauty supply store but again you can purchase on-line or at any local beauty supply store.

Step 3: Measure and Cut the extensions

Again this varies from person to person and what effect you’re going for, today I will be making (2- 3 clip extensions add length) and (1- 4 clip extension add length).

 I start at the back of my head with the lowest piece I will be making. Hold the measuring tape against your head starting at one side and wrap around to the other side, now take that measurement and lay against your weft of hair and cut your first piece.

*Hair TipYou will want to double-up hair for each extension, if you only do one piece when you wear the extension it will look too thin against your natural hair. So take the piece you just cut and duplicate, set both pieces aside for now.

Now onto the second 3 clip piece (this one will be a little longer than the first), you will take your measuring tape again and repeat the same process but this time you will start at your ear lobe and wrap around to the other ear lobe.  (Remember to double-up your hair)

Finally the 4 clip piece (this piece will be the longest), for this piece you want to measure from temple to temple, this will allow the extension to blend into the front pieces of your natural hair. (Again remember to double-up your hair)

Step 4: Glue your pieces together and Add clips

 Grab your freshly cut pieces of hair, Krazy glue, clips and let’s get going. First take the two smallest sections of hair and glue them together. I recommend applying a small portion of glue at a time and pinching the two pieces of hair together, this will help in securing the two pieces together and preventing glue from getting everywhere!



Almost done! Now take those clips out and practice opening and closing them, I know this sounds a little silly but trust me do it! For two reasons, one it will make you feel more comfortable when applying to your hair and secondly so you make sure you glue them onto the hair weft right side up. I simply apply the glue onto the clip and then press firmly against the hair seam and hold for about 50 seconds. That’s it, you’re all done!!! If you notice in the picture below I curled the hair extensions before applying to my hair, I did this just test my hair extension against the heat source.



Before/After Picture (along with a few tips I found helpful when applying my extensions)

 In the below picture is my before and after, with using my extensions.

Tip # 1- I found that since I have such thin/fine hair, lightly teased my natural hair, adding a little hairspray, and then clipping in the extension really helped hold it into place.

Tip # 2- When curling my hair I took a piece of my natural hair along with a piece the extension and curl them together, this definitely blended the extension nicely.

Tip # 3- For an even more blended/naturel look, trim your extensions.

Tip # 4- I have almost a white/platinum blonde hair color so I used a demi permanent hair toner to match my blonde extensions to my natural hair (ok, dyed blonde) hair.

Let me know what you think, did you find this helpful in making your own extensions? Did you come across any useful tips, I would love to hear your experience and please sure your pictures!

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