How To Tone Brassy Hair At Home

Ever look at your blonde hair and think “Wow, I’m looking a little brassy!”? We all fall in love with that gorgeous right out of the salon blonde and then about 3 weeks later the toner starts to fade away and we start to look a little dull or yellow. When your hair is yellow and brassy it tends to look cheap, like you haven’t been taking care of it. Yes, I’ve tried the purple shampoos which help a little, but it just doesn’t seem to give it that beautiful bright platinum glow I’m looking for. After many attempts and fails I finally came across a solution to help ban that brassiness and bring my blonde strands back to life without having to visit a hair dresser and the cost is substantially way less!

I would first like to start off by saying I’m not a licensed hair professional and this is only my own personal experience. Like I said earlier I’ve tired numerous products from shampoos to leave-in treatments with little to no success, until recently I came across a combination of two products that totally changed my world on toning! Remember with toning your hair you are manipulating the shade of your blonde not lifting the color. So your bass color should be at the lightest of what you want since you won’t be making your hair lighter, you will be applying a color to naturalize the yellow. The best part about this combination is that the products are demi-permanent so no ammonia or harsh chemicals. This is also awesome for those with a balayage blonde because it will only tone the bleached hair and will not affect the darker root or pieces through-out your hair.

The products you will need are the Wella Charm T18 in Lightest Ash Blonde (for about $6.49) and Wella Activation Lotion (for about $3.49), which I was able to purchase at my local Sally Beauty Store or at The combination of these two products will transform your hair! I will provide my step by step on how I mixed and applied the mixture.

Products Needed:

– Mixing bowl and brush
– Gloves
– Wella Charm T18 (Lightest Ash Blonde)
– Wella Activation Lotion
– Hair Clips

Mixture Ratio:
– Mix 1 part cream (2oz.) to 2 parts lotion (4oz.), I only had to use this amount due to my hair being just below my shoulders. If you have thick hair or long hair you most likely will have to use a 2 part cream (4 oz.) to 4 parts lotion (8oz.) ratio. I like to measure and pour the activating lotion first into the bowl then measure out the cream. After you have mixed both products together you should get a creamy constancy (not runny or too liquidly) that has a grey/off white color.

Applying to Hair:
– First brush through your hair and remove any tangles, then divide your hair and clip the top portion of your hair up leaving just the lower part of your hair down. To ensure you get all your hair evenly make sure to divide your hair up in small sections.

Now get your brush and start with a small amount of product and apply to your hair. I like to use one hand to apply the product and then I use my other hand to sort of cradle my hair and catch any product that may fall through the hair. Make sure to saturate all the strands (it shouldn’t be dripping off your hair but very damp. Lay that section of hair down and un-clip another piece, you will repeat this process all the way to the top of your head. Now that you have completely saturated your hair with the product I like to pile all my hair on top of my head and clip it.

The box states to leave on for 20 minutes but at the 20 minute mark it wasn’t quite the tone I wanted so I left on for a total of 35 minutes. At 35 minutes I simply rinsed my hair with warm water and applied a deep conditioner (left on for about 10 minutes) then rinsed. I dried and styled my hair like normal right after. I have been doing this now for a few months and haven’t noticed any brittle or dry strands which is wonderful and I’m very pleased with the results. The less you wash your hair the less you will have to tone, I usually will tone my hair once every 1-2 months. Below is a before and after picture of my hair, let me know what you think, if this was helpful.

Here are few other helpful tips I use in keeping my hair from getting brassy:

– Wash your hair only 1-2 times a week, this will prevent from drying your hair out and keep your natural oils on your scalp.
– Use dry shampoo, this will help keep your hair from feeling greasy in between washes.
– Wash your hair with cold water, the cold water helps to seal your hair cuticle making it lay smoothly, giving your hair the appearance of shine.
– Use sulfate-free shampoo, the sulfate in shampoo are detergents that create the bubbles which are too harsh on your blonde hair.
– Don’t use hot tools every day, we all know that in general on any type of hair to not use hot tools everyday but especially on blonde hair, since the hair has already gone through the trauma of bleach you need to limit extra damage.
– Wear a hat if you’re going to be out in the sun for long periods of time, just like you use sunscreen for your skin to protect it from the UV rays of the sun, you’re doing the same for your hair by protecting it from the damage of the sun.
– Deep Condition hair, using a deep conditioner will help keep your hair soft and shiny.

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Hi my name is Jacque, I’m 31 years old and live in the beautiful state of California. I enjoy a variety of different hobbies and activities, but truly love spending my time with family and friends. I have a passion for cosmetology, fitness, and healthy living. I’m always searching to try new adventures and hope you will join me in this exciting journey of life. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts you may have.


  1. Lee Walters | 2nd Dec 17

    Great blog! I’l definitely try this one since the cost is much cheaper compared to having your hair getting treated at a salon. What sulfate free shampoo do you use? I tried some brands but not all have good results. Thanks!

  2. Jacque | 4th Dec 17

    Hi Lee,
    Thank you for reading my article, I agree this method is 10 times cheaper with the same results. I try to wash my hair every 3 days and just like you I’ve tried many shampoos but I’ve been using the Neutrogena Anti-Sulfate Clear Shampoo and does a pretty amazing job! I usually pay around $5 at Target for it. I hope this helps and let me know how your treatment comes out.

  3. Lee Walters | 4th Jan 18

    I bought the Neutrogena you recommended and was so worth buying. My treatment went over what I’ve expected. I’ve recommended it to some of my friends and were all into Neutrogena. Thank you so much Jacque! Your article and recommendation was an early Christmas gift to me. It helped me a lot!

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