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The Mind Control Diet Series:

Dieting and following your nutrition plan can sometimes suck big time.  There’s only so much your “will-power” can do.

So stop working hard and start working smart.  Set up your environment for maximum convenience and “trick psychology” to get yourself to eat the right things on autopilot.

I’m running a test program called the “Food Steamer Challenge”.

Here is how it works:


Buy yourself an AUTOMATIC FOOD STEAMER.  Don’t make the economy an excuse not to get one because you can get a good one for like twenty bucks and change.  That’s about what mine cost (mine’s a Black and Decker).  The brand doesn’t matter, just make sure it’s automatic.  The restaurant-style stainless steel one’s are nice, but who’s got time EVERY SINGLE DAY to use a metal one?  There too much of a time investment.

One of the keys to a good diet is to minimize the amount of time you spend on it, especially the “prepping, cooking, and cleaning” … That’s where pigging out can rear it’s ugly head — when you don’t prepare for maximum mind control ahead of time by minimizing the prepping, cooking, and cleaning time.

But it’s a Catch 22:  You see, “prepared foods” fall into this category.  I’m talking about most of the stuff in the center of the grocery store that doesn’t go bad.  I’m also talking about prepared food take out.  All of these maximum convenience foods lack nutritional value.

“So Craig,” you might say, “what is the solution?  Can I have it both ways?”

Most of the time in life, you CANNOT have it both ways, but this is one of those rare times that you can.   I’m going to explain…

Eating low on the food chain is one of my principles.  Eating as close to raw as possible is another one of my principles.  As is eating local.  As is eating organic.  As is eating seasonal.


That’s a lot of principles.

Here’s a recap…

  • Low on the food chain
  • Organic
  • Raw or very lightly cooked
  • Local
  • Seasonal
  • Keep it simple.
  • Keep it convenient.
  • Minimize prepping, cooking, and cleaning time!
We can make these principles easier to follow with a food steamer and flash frozen whole foods.  IT IS OUR DUTY to take advantage of modern technology in two forms.
  1. The ability of modern food farmers to “flash freeze” whole foods such as vegetables and fish.
  2. The ability of the modern food steamer to cook your food to perfection with WATER, not with oil or extreme heat.
This isn’t a “oh yeah” kind of thing.  THIS IS A BIG DEAL.  IT’S PROFOUND.  And I’m guilty of not taking advantage of this. You see, flash freezing is completely different from freezing food on your own in your kitchen with your freezer.  It takes hours to freeze food on your own, but with flash freezing it happens in minutes.
First, understand that we are KEEPING THE CHALLENGE SIMPLE:  It’s one month long.  It only involves dinner time.  It only involves frozen food.  There are very few foods to choose from.  If this Spartan approach bothers you, then do not enter this challenge.
  1. Get an automatic food steamer.
  2. Set it up where you will be eating DINNER.
  3. Go out and get the following flash frozen veggies close enough to my list: Frozen broccoli florets, frozen spinach, and any other frozen GREEN vegetable you want.  Frozen corn, carrots, beans, etc do not count.  We only want frozen green veggies.  So this is basically any frozen green vegetable you want.
  4. Go out and get the following protein sources: frozen salmon burgers, frozen tuna burgers, flash frozen chicken breasts, frozen game meat, etc.  Basically any natural, wild, organic lean meat you can find.
  5. Go get some EVOO: Extra virgin olive oil.  Get some flax seed oil.  MAKE SURE THEY ARE IN GLASS BOTTLES (I don’t have time to explain why except to say that plastic + oil = TOXIC).
  6. THREE NIGHTS A WEEK FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH, I want you to eating no other dinner each night except this lean-meat, green-veggie, fresh-oil combo.
  7. Fill the food steamer up with the appropriate amount of spring or filtered water.
  8. Fill the food steamer up with the frozen foods you want to eat for dinner.
  9. Set the timer for 10-20 minutes, or whatever the instructions call for.  Obviously cooking chicken will take longer than fish, for example.
  11. When you think the time is up, come back, open the steamer, put the protein and veggies on a plate, pour a good sized tablespoon of COLD fresh oil on it, and enjoy dinner.
  12. Rinse, clean, and put your stuff away.
Repeat this procedure 3 nights a week.  Here’s some of the psychology behind it: leaving the food steamer on while you do something else takes your mind off the food.  You are practically guaranteed a perfectly lightly cooked meal that retains all of the food nutrients.   It’s healthier than a microwave, but just as convenient.  And it shuts off automatically.  Also, removing the prep time, the cooking time, and the cleaning time makes it more likely that you will repeat this 3 times a week.
It’s a simple challenge.  That’s almost 1/2 of the month eating nothing but a steamed dinner.  And it’s going to make a positive change in your body.
Let’s see what you can do!

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