Someone Out There Did It First Without Any Help

I’m sure, like almost everyone else out there, on occasion, you encounter a challenge where you feel you simply cannot accomplish the task. You probably feel lost, not knowing where to start. Or worse, you are completely overwhelmed by fear of the challenge. As such, you either don’t set out to do what you intended to do or you give up halfway after encountering some difficulties. Does any of this sound familiar?

Thinking You Can’t Do It Alone One of the biggest barriers we face is thinking that we can’t do it alone.

In order to succeed, we often believe it requires help, as if this is a rule on its own. Because of this self-limiting belief, we hold back a lot, not realizing our true potential. We Rely on Others Too Much. It may not be a bad thing, but in today’s society, there’ s a lot of help readily available to us. We can easily Google the solution or simply ask around for help. Now that is not all bad, but if you’re like me, I became too dependent. I was paralyzed into thinking that I could never accomplish anything on my own. Maybe you justify it as, “just to be safe” or “lessening the risks”, but how far are you going with the safety net? So much so, you aren’t realizing your full potential? The supposed safety we look for may actually be counterproductive.

Take the Risk, Because Someone Else Did It First

Yes, someone did. That’s how inspiring stories, step-by-step guides or simply “what you heard from someone” came about. Because someone dared to do something on his or her own, without any help. Think about it, would all the solutions you see now be around if someone back then didn’t dare to TRY it out first? That person certainly could not predict the future. He or she simply did it.
That is how pioneers, trailblazers, risk-takers and inspiring achievers are born. How To Do It All Yourself So, how do you summon the courage to set out on your own. Here are some tips that I’ve found helpful:

1) Know That It’s Okay to Fail
One of the biggest hurdles most people face when it comes to trying to succeed is that they are afraid to fail.
So they never think they can do it alone.
Forget that.
Let it be known that it’s very okay for you to fail. All the more better on your own!
Failure is not the end, as most believe.
Failure is actually your greatest ally, where the mistakes you make would be your greatest lessons and the experience alone would bring you far.
Nothing embarrassing about that.

2) Change That Fear Into Independence
So now you know that it’s okay to fail.
How about changing that fear into independence?
Remember, someone out there did it alone before. He or she did it, and there’s simply no reason why you can’t do it too.
Become independent. Realize that you’ve got the full potential to achieve what you want in life, even if it means failing along the way.
Learn and then take the steps you need to move forward. Being independent is where you can shine most as you learn the way yourself.

3) Now Take the Leap of Faith and Try
Simply try.
Nobody is asking you to soar to great heights or make a few thousand dollars in one day.
You can and will hit your goal eventually, even if you set out on your own.
You never know how great you are until you try it out yourself.
There may be a lot of help and guidance readily available today. Again, a simple Google search can get you practically anything. Finding a mentor or coach is easy too. But don’t ever let that deter you or make you think that you can’t do it alone or that people out there are better or more capable than you.
You hold a lot of power and hidden abilities within you. You just have to get them out. Trying is how you find out what you are made of.


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craig hill

Craig is the founder of LifeGuider, he is dedicated to improving not only himself but also others in being more physically fit and mentally capable of handling life’s challenges. He is not your regular life coach, no fancy clothes or fast cars, just a regular “Ole Joe” who has experienced the ups and downs of life like everyone else.

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