The Ten Commandments of Success

Take Action

Most people will never know how brilliant or successful they could of been because they are paralyzed by life’s duties. They will be full of remorse and regret when they reach the end of their lives because they know they could of done more, and never really lived up to their full
potential. Do not get to the stage where you look back and wonder whether you could have been more successful. You will not have regrets if you take steps to enhance your success now. What does success mean to you? Some people see it as material wealth; others look at success in a broader way. They want contentment in every area, from their careers to relationships. If you’re wise, you know you deserve all-around prosperity. Most people do not flourish because they are afraid to act on their ideas. Make improvements NOW rather contemplating about taking action! Once you have taken action, even if it’s small you will be inclined to reach your goals. If you are nervous, ask yourself what you have to lose. Most likely, you have more to gain from trying rather than playing it safe.

Implement Powerful Behaviors 

Do you think you need to sweat and struggle to be successful? Why, then, do people fail, though they work their fingers to the bone? You can put time and effort into accomplishing goals, but not get anywhere if you take the wrong steps. Having the wisdom to understand valuable actions from pointless ones will
influence your success.

Instead of rushing, consider the best course of action. Successful people do not blindly act; they do what works and keep striving for continuous improvement.
Also they are open to change. If what they have done so far has not achieved much or added little value – they change directions and make a course correction. Take a honest assessment about your life and ask yourself if you are unhappy about some areas of your life. These are the places you need to take action on. Behave in ways that promote abundance. If you are not certain what to do, learn from the experts, research, and experiment. Just do not keep doing what is not effective over and over again.


Repeat actions that offer great reward and carry out game changing activities regularly for the best results. You’ll learn and improve via practice, and returns will grow. A hard work ethic makes a difference to results only when applied to the right areas. If you’re experimenting chart results, so they are clear. Additionally, when you find what works, still try out new ideas occasionally. The adage about not fixing what works isn’t always applicable. Success often stems from taking something mediocre and making it brilliant!

Hike Up Value

Successful folks add value. They solve life’s biggest problems and fulfill other’s needs. Consider whether you’re helping those closest to you and your clients. Do you improve their well being? Apply the idea of increasing value to everything you do. How can you help people get to where they want to be in life? This even applies to small tasks in life as multiple smaller tasks add to up to waste a lot of time if they do not add value in your life.

Pursue Your Passion

Do you follow your passion? Or do you give what you love doing for when you have time on your hands? Plenty of people are more talented at their hobbies than their jobs. if you have a passion, think about showing it to the world. Can you carve a career out of it? Maybe, you can use it in your personal life to bring joy to others? If you consider joy a benchmark of success, invest extra time in your passions and you’ll be that much closer to your goals. Do what you love to increase your happiness and make others around you happy along the way.

Network And Find Your Tribe

Network with individuals who have traits like dynamism and courage. Also, ensure your associates have a similar vision as you. Like minded people will encourage you to succeed and offer support. They will impart knowledge, making learning and moving ahead easier than struggling alone. They might also share useful contacts and insights.

Widen your social circle. Seek contacts at social events, gym, classes, online and at your workplace. Clubs, organizations, and voluntary work can also be helpful.

Stop Damaging Yourself

You might not think your habits influence your success, but they do. Eat unhealthy foods, and you will be unhealthy. Similarly stay up late, and you’ll be to tired to apply yourself 100 percent the next day and your performance will suffer. It’s simple, examine your behaviors to see if they are hindering your abilities to be successful.

You may enjoy some of these habits and understanding that some of them may be very challenging to break, but they are preventing you from being all you can be! Dig in deep and find a way to break some of these habits. Also get away from negative people and listening to overly critical inner talk. Cutting out aspects of your life that are holding you back will help you prosper.

Construct Healthy Habits

While you are working on breaking poor habits, also work on establishing good habits to replace the unfavorable ones. Regular behavior influences your body and brain. To be in top condition, you need to look after yourself. Replace bad habits with healthy behaviors. If you’ve given up junk foods, find wholesome substitutes to satisfy your taste buds. Planning to give up procrastination? Create the habit of carrying out one task you’ve been putting off every morning before going to work. Build habits to increase your well-being and you will be in better shape to succeed in everything you do.

Learn From Mistakes

Many successful people have made mistakes before getting to the top. At times, they where not considered the best at what they do. In fact, they made colossal blunders. Some became millionaires, only to crash and lose everything. They started again though and learned from their errors and continued to improve. If you fail to succeed, do not throw in the towel. Get up and try again until you are successful, have the determination to never give up. Consider what went wrong, apply the knowledge you gained from your mistakes to future actions and get better.

Trust in your vision and ability to accomplish what you desire. Sometimes, people will oppose you. They will compete with you and try their best to discourage you. They may even insist you will fail because they have a negative outlook. Accept helpful advice and let others motivate you, but always ignore the naysayers. Additionally, do not sabotage your potential. Do not let anxiety about not being good enough bring you down. Build your self-esteem and use encouraging affirmations to boost confidence. Visualize success and talk about yourself in favorable terms.

Your success will come from who you associate with, along with your habits and perspective (think about this one for a minute, you usually do not see successful people hanging around people who are not doing so well in life). Take action and only work have at doing what works (only an insane person would continue to the same things over and over again that do not work, but many people do just that). Spend time wisely as it is our most valuable commodity, stop the poor behaviors, and spend time where it adds value to your life and the lives of those around you. Carry out your passions, and do not be afraid of failure along the way. Learn from your mistakes, develop self-trust and you will be successful.

Be consistent and follow these ten commandments of success and you will build a good foundation for your future!

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