The Top 30 Habits of Successful People

Have you ever read a self-help book? Have you ever read more than one? You might notice that they all seem to offer similar advice. That’s why I decided to just compile this list of all the main points of just about every self-help book out there. With this list of the top 30 habits of successful people, you’ll never have to buy (or read) a self-help book again!

1 .They always find the opportunities that other people are missing or not even looking for.

2. They don’t see patterns; they see lessons.

3. They are consciously creating their own success, rather than waiting and hoping to be found by success like everyone else.

4. While they do have their fears – just as everyone does – they don’t allow themselves to be limited or controlled by their fears.

5. They focus on finding solutions.

6. They have all the right questions and they aren’t afraid to ask them; these are the questions that put them in a creative, positive, productive state.

7. They see complaining as a waste of energy, so they don’t do it. Complaining does nothing but leave you feeling negative and being unproductive.

8. They don’t try and find something/someone to blame. There’s no point in it. Rather, they are the ones taking responsibility for their actions and whatever outcome – even a lack of outcome – that comes from those actions.

9. Successful people are not necessarily the most talented of people. Rather, they find ways to maximise the potential of their talents. They are able to give and get more from themselves. They are more effective at using what they have than other – perhaps more talented – people.

10. They keep themselves busy, proactive, and productive. Rather than settling on the couch and overthinking things, going around in an infinite loop because they can’t settle, successful people are getting things done.

11. They align themselves with people who share their thoughts and beliefs. They understand how important it is to be in a team, and are able to create relationships that benefit themselves and others.

12. They have a ton of ambition and are determined to get what is amazing, and what’s wrong with that? They make the conscious choice to live the best possible life they can rather than just drifting through life on auto-pilot.

13. They have a clear understanding of what they want out of life, and what they don’t want. They are able to visualise their ideal reality and plan for it, rather than watching as life passes them by.

14. They are innovators and not imitators.

15. They never procrastinate, nor do they wait and hope that the “right time” will come along

16. They learn for their entire lives. They are always educating themselves, either though formal academic education or informal education through watching, asking, listening, reading, and being a student of life. They also experience things to learn and grow, and many do some combination of all three.

17. They see the glass as being half full, while still being down-to-earth and practical about things. They are just able to see the good in every situation.

18. They are always doing what it is that needs to be done, no matter how they feel that day. They don’t get stuck in a loop of stopping and starting.

19. They are willing to take calculated risks, whether they be emotional, financial, professional, or psychological.

20. They quickly and effectively address any problems or challenges in front of them. They don’t hide from anything. They see every challenge as a chance to better themselves and take it.

21. They don’t wait around for fate, chance, luck, or destiny to hand them anything. They believe in creating their own future and work hard to achieve their ideal life.

22. They are proactive rather than reactive. This means they take action before needing to.

23. They are able to effectively manage their emotions. Successful people do feel things – just like everyone does – but they are not controlled by their emotions.

24. They are effective communicators; constantly working to improve their communication skills even more.

25. They’ve planned their lives and they are constantly working to turn their plans into reality. The life of a successful person isn’t a series of events that just comes together.

26. They strive to be exceptional, and this fuels them to do things that other people might not. They choose to be exceptional. Everyone faces some form of life-altering decision on a near-daily basis. The successful people are the ones making the choices that others would avoid.

27. Most people are slaves to pleasure and want to avoid as much discomfort and pain as they possibly can, but successful people understand that there are benefits to doing the tough jobs that others would rather avoid.

28. They have an understanding of what matters the most to them – their core values – and they strive to stick to these values and create a life that reflects them

29. They maintain balance. They could be financially successful, but they also understand that money and success are two different things. Having a lot of money doesn’t mean that you are a success. Such a thing is the complete opposite of what society teaches us; that to be rich is to be successful. Money is just a tool however; it’s nothing bad, it’s just a resource. There are too many people worshiping it. They are disciplined and understand how important self-control is.

30. They have strength and are happy to go along the less-traveled roads.


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