What Are You Hiding Behind?

What are you hiding behind that keeps you from living life to the fullest?
It is time to step out, alter the cycle and create a breakthrough.
You may have been hiding for so long that you forgot what it is like to live out in the open.

I want to pull the bag off your head.

I want you to overcome your blindness and get unstuck.

There is a lot of life out here for you to live. There is no reason to keep hiding.

Once you realize what you are hiding behind, then you can beat it and live big.

5 Common Things We Hide Behind

We invent all kinds of clever ways to hide.
You may feel like your hiding place is safe. A place of protection and shelter.After all, the world is sometimes unpredictable and a little scary.
The trouble is that you have to come out of hiding in order to move forward in life.

So, if you ever feel stuck, stagnate, bored, unfulfilled or think there just has to be more to life, then it is time to come out of hiding.
Read the list below and see if you can identify with one or more common ways that we hide.

1. Excuses
What excuse do you hide behind to put off doing the things that could change your life? Does one or more of these sound familiar?
My spouse won’t go along.
I don’t have the money.
Now is not the right time.
I have responsibilities.
I can’t take the risk.
I’d probably fail anyway.
I don’t know where to start.
I need to wait until the kids are older.
This list could go on, but I think you get the point.
These are all just pretexts that you hide behind. An excuse is a convenient way to avoid facing the truth.
The truth is that you are scared, lazy and hiding.
You can get past these obstacles if you are willing to take the risk and put forth the effort. Are you embracing excuses that are holding you back?

2. Negativity
I am convinced that a negative attitude is just a device we hide behind.
It is a way to push people back so they won’t see our fear and cowardly ways.

We deceive ourselves into thinking that life, the universe, and other people are the reason we are stuck where we are. We make out like it is all the external stuff that is holding us back.

Of course, it is just a deception. A very handy one that we borrow and use to fuel our negative attitudes.

No one dares to come in and challenge us. If they do, we cut them down with sarcasm, contempt and ridicule.
Is this you?

Maybe you’re really nice most of the time, but if people come too close, you whip out your negativity and get them running.
This is a way to hide and avoid facing the truth. Is this really the way you want to live?

3. Daydreams / Fantasies
Many people hide behind well-constructed falsehoods. These take on a few different appearances.
For example:
You may deceive yourself and others by living an exaggerated lifestyle that makes you look better than you really are.
Your reality may be very boring so you may hide in the fantasy of stories, books and daydreams.
You may disguise your true self behind a public image that is completely phony.
You may cling to self-deception about your life, health, finances, success, etc.
You may lie to yourself and others incessantly.
You may have goals that you continually talk about, but take no action toward.

Bottom line, you hide behind a false pretense to avoid facing the reality of your situation.

You create an alternate reality in your head and choose to believe that instead of dealing with what is actually going on around you.
Unfortunately, the main person you are hurting is you. Oh, your family is probably also suffering to a degree. But, ultimately, you are the one that is living a life well below your potential and it is all because you hide behind daydreams and fantasies.

When are you going to grow up and face reality?

4. Tradition and Family Expectations
Some know this is a big deal in their lives. Others will dismiss it too quickly.
The truth is this plays a bigger role than what we often think and it can be something we fraudulently hide behind.
We want to please our families and close friends. We want to live up to their expectations of us. Instead of facing reality and pursuing what we really want, we hide in the positive glow of being people-pleasers.
Therefore, we do things – and continue doing them – even though the “things” are no longer what we want.
For example, when a young couple gets divorced, there is an all too common discussion in the aftermath:
“What happened?”
“I knew I never should have married him. I had a bad feeling about it even before the wedding.”
“Why did you go through with it?”
“After we were engaged, I didn’t know how to stop it. Everyone was so excited. I didn’t want to disappoint them.”

We pursue careers, relationships and life paths because we want to please or impress those around us.
Stop hiding behind pleasing others. It is time to forge your own path in life.

5. Comfort / Safety
This has got to be the most common way we hide.
Why rock the boat? Leave well enough alone. Don’t burn any bridges.
We are often encouraged to play it safe. We are addicted to comfort.
The things you have to do to live life to the fullest are often risky and uncomfortable.
I’m talking about things like:
Striking out on your own.
Speaking up.
Meeting new people.
Asking for a promotion.
Telling friends and family things they don’t want to hear.
Pursuing a big, hairy, audacious goal.
Quitting something you no longer want to do.
Don’t hide any longer behind comfort and safety just because it is the path of least resistance.
Life is short. It is too short to keep living in such a limited, confined way.
Be willing to step out of your comfort zone to find something greater.

Stop Hiding and Start Living.

So, what are you hiding behind?

Did one or more of the common ways above sound familiar to you?

We all hide from time to time. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

Just don’t get stuck in your hiding place.

Come out of hiding and start living! You’ll thank yourself for it.

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craig hill

Craig is the founder of LifeGuider, he is dedicated to improving not only himself but also others in being more physically fit and mentally capable of handling life’s challenges. He is not your regular life coach, no fancy clothes or fast cars, just a regular “Ole Joe” who has experienced the ups and downs of life like everyone else.

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