1.  Go to Wal-Mart, the mall, Starbucks or Barnes & Nobel.

There are plenty of free public places to go that have air conditioning.  If it gets too hot, visit one for awhile to cool down.  Read a nice long book at Barnes & Noble or read more articles on our blog at Starbucks with your laptop, tablet or phone! Of course, please avoid buying things you do not need!

2.  Soak a towel in cool water.

Drape a bath towel soaked in cool water over your neck and shoulders.  This will help to cool you down fast.

3.  Have an ice-cold drink.

Water is probably the best thing to drink on a hot summer day, but sweet tea, lemonade, Gatorade, and cherry limeades are some of my personal favorites.

4.  Find a nice shade tree and nap.

Getting out of the direct sunlight, but remaining outside where you can feel a breeze may be a good alternative.  Indoor areas without air conditioning can get stuffy.

5.  Use an electric fan.

Fans are inexpensive to buy and operate.  The air circulation they create will certainly make a house feel cooler.  One idea I read suggested setting 2-liter bottles of ice in front of the fan for added relief.

6.  Go to the public swimming pool.

I know this requires being seen in public in a bathing suit, but it might be worth it!  Public pools are inexpensive and offer a fun way to keep kids of all ages cool.

7.  Get in the bathtub.

If you just can’t bear going out in public in a swimsuit, then fill up your bathtub with cool water and dive in!  You will get cool and clean.

8.  Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol is a diuretic which will serve to dehydrate you.  Your body needs plenty of water on hot days to produce sweat.  Perspiration is your body’s natural cooling mechanism.

9.  Go to a matinee movie.

It is always dark and cool in movie theaters.  Many theaters offer discount prices in the afternoons so, this is a great way to cool down in the hottest part of the day.

10.  Eat a popsicle or other frozen treat.

A frozen treat can make a blazing hot afternoon almost bearable.  They are also a great way to get the kids to stop playing and cool down for a few minutes.

11.  Set up a lawn sprinkler.

Kids seem to love playing in lawn sprinklers.  Of course, be sure to check your local watering restrictions before proceeding.  Many communities have to limit outdoor watering during the summer months to conserve water.

12.  Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.

Avoid dark, tight clothing that absorbs and retains heat.  You are better off going with natural fabrics like cotton that are baggy and light in color.

13.  Install a window AC unit in one room.

You might consider installing a small window unit to cool one room of your house.  Of course, be careful because this will most definitely increase your electric bill.

14.  Be still and rest.

You are naturally hotter when you are up and moving around.  In the hottest part of the day, you might want to find a cool place and stay put.

15.  Try a handheld mister.

These are great devices to take with you while you are on-the-go for a quick cool down.  They can be refilled at water fountains for an added cold blast!

16.  Use a cooling bandana.

There are several special types of cooling bandanas that can help keep you cool.  Some contain polymer that holds water and others you can freeze.

17. Go to a free museum.

You can get cool and learn something at the same time.  Museums are great places to kill a hot afternoon.

18.  Keep the lights off.

Light bulbs generate a lot of heat.  This tip will not only help keep you cool, but will also save on your electricity bill.

19.  Eat lighter meals.

The less food your body has to metabolize the lower your core body temperature.  Eat light meals to stay cool and lose weight!

20.  Keep the shades closed when the air conditioner is on.

The less heat radiating in through your windows, the cooler it will feel inside.  Keep your shades closed to maximize the effectiveness of your air conditioner.

21.  Tie up long hair.

Keeping your hair up off your neck will help you feel cooler.  I don’t have this problem, but some of you might!

22.  Use a swamp cooler instead of air conditioning.

I used to see these around more when I was young.  They are still a viable option.  Swamp coolers can cool a room by 20 to 25 degrees which is a big difference.

23.  Use outdoor grill instead of oven.

The oven will heat up your home.  Try grilling outdoors instead.  This makes me hungry just thinking about it!

24.  Go to the basement.

The lowest level in a home is generally going to be the coolest.  An underground basement can be up to 10 degrees cooler.

25.  Switch to average billing so you can run the air conditioner.

Many electric companies offer an average billing plan.  This will allow you to pay about the same each month despite having to run the air conditioner more in the summer.

26. Use the Egyptian Method to sleep like they use to in Egypt.

It is simple, take your blanket and bed-sheets or both and soak them in water. So they are not dripping water all over the place, ring them out or hang them over something for a few minutes to let the excess water drip off. Once done your bed-sheets and/or blanket will be damp and cool to sleep in.

27. Freeze Your bed sheets.

Grab a large zip lock bag or trash bag, put your sheets in the bag and place them in the freeze. Right before you go to bed get them and put them on your bed. This will help keep you cool for long enough to get into a deep sleep.


Don’t worry Fall is just around the corner!

These tips are sure to help you make it until cooler weather arrives.  I love summer, but the extreme heat can be dangerous.  Be sure to avoid heat exhaustion by taking it easy and using these ideas to stay cool.